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More aKademy Photos

Nikolaj is busy uploading his aKademy photos.

I liked this one:

The Amarok 5

Foreground: Martin, Bart and Wendy
Background: Me and Leinir
In-between: Some guy

Status of QGraphicScenes and Delegates

In yesterday's blog I talked about my issue of wanting to use (animated) GraphicsView's in an Interview system for Amarok's playlist. Ivan ?uki? pointed me to a 2006 Trolltech Developer Days presentation about Advanced Item View. The presenter did show a pretty brute force way of doing animations in delegates, by just firing a timer every 40 ms. I tried this out two different ways.

A Cry for Help: Combining GraphicsView and Interview

Background Info

My Summer of Code project is to spruce up the playlist. My idea was to use Qt's new Interview system to make Amarok more memory efficient and less laggy even with large number of tracks in the playlist - performance of Amarok 1.x suffers noticeably with large playlists. This has largely worked out well.


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