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Happy Thanksgiving

Trying out this Flock browser with its builtin blogging capabilities. Who knows maybe I'll start blogging more.

Sitting here in Fulton and smelling lots of wonderful things going on in the kitchen. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Obama parade

I'm staying in Fulton this weekend, mainly to attend the MU homecoming parade with the Obama group. It was fun, waving around the sign, marching in tempo with the band in front of us. "O-o-o-Obama, o-o-Barack Obama": his name does lend itself well to be corrupted into cheers.

more on Apple

I don't keep it a secret that my grudge against Apple is somewhat personal; about a month after DAAP support was added into Amarok, iTunes 7 was released which dose not allow third-party applications to browse its DAAP server. That after I had worked hard to make Amarok function with the already discovered iTunes v4.5 DAAP hash. (iTunes 7's DAAP hash still hasn't been recreated, it probably doesn't help that the people who setup a site for to figure out the hash make a product obviously meant for piracy ARRGH! on campus networks.)


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