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iPod Classic Will Be Supported

As recently reported on Slashdot, Apple, in its infinite wisdom, has added a checksum to the iPod database apparently to restrict non-iTunes products (like Amarok via libgpod) from having the ability to add music. To me this sounds pretty familiar. This is the same thing they did to iTunes 4.5 to make it harder for other apps to read off their DAAP shares, they changed it again in iTunes 7; open source apps are still unable to read iTunes 7 DAAP shares.

But there's better news on this iPod front.
From #gtkpod today:
<wtbw> okay guys

git stash

Upgraded to the latest Git last night. From the responses to the previous blog and #git chatter I knew I had git stash to look forward to.

Amarok on Git

I've been using Git for a couple of weeks now. Really I have mixed feelings about it. There's a million commands, many of which are redundant. Its obvious no one sat down and thought about what commands would make sense. However it is really fast. Having a git log that takes half a second is just handy. And unlike SVK, it does have a wealth of documentation.

In the future we might do Amarok feature branches in Git... SVN branches are just so horrible.


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