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slides for the talks in Stuttgart

Sven, Sput, Valerie, Jörg and I had a really nice day with lots of interesting talks at the Linuxday yesterday. It was nice to meet Frederik (I hereby promise to check out Parley ;-)) and others.

The slides for my talk are available now:

SNAFU .*[k\w\W].*[24]

-(~:$)-> wtf snafu
SNAFU: situation normal, all fucked up
Tomorrow it's one week of KDE 4. Well, just yet another week, with no more than 5 hours sleep per day, heavy thinking and a couple of new stress balls.

Probably none notice that I didn't blog about KDE 4, I can't even blame you, everyone else did, so I don't matter (even less then usual :-P)


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