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Dragon Player 2.0 beta1 released

As promised, Dragon Player 2.0 beta1 has been released.

Bug reports and feedback appreciated. Especially on the volume slider, I'm not sure I like having the extra toolbar button.

There's a few more items on the TODO list (mainly double checking stuff works) and then a 2.0 final release can be made.

Dynamic Playlist niftiness

One of my most loved Amarok features are dynamic playlists. For those who don´t know how they work a little guide is availible.

I use a tweaked random for my dynamic playlist. Amarok is told to play music from a smart playlist which contains all the songs I rated with more than 3 stars or did not rate at all. I don´t want to listen to music I have listened to within the last month. So I exclude that as well. This makes my smart playlist. In Amarok it looks like this:


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