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Amarok + French + IRC = Love

Ladies, Gentleman, Bots and others, may I introduce to you on FreeNode.

Yeah, it took me over a year to get this project done, but better late than never, right? ;-)
French is now as well as English, German and Spanish one of the Amarok IRC-based support languages *cheer*

Everyone who speaks French, wants to speak French, or just once in his life wants to hang out with the cool guys -> join the channel.

In other news:

KDE's Summer of Code: Promote it!

Summer of Code is back, earlier then ever. Early is good as it allows some more flexibility in the schedule (students could start on their projects as soon as mid-April, in case they aren't available later), the disadvantage is that I'm probably not the only one somewhat surprised that its starting so soon.

distro mailinglist at and Cebit

A few weeks back I requested a mailinglist at for cross distro collaboration. (The original purpose was having a list to discuss with other distros how they handle the whole ~/.kde vs. ~/.kde4 thing.) Unfortunately I never got a response and just stumbled upon the now created list at by chance.
It didn´t really get any promo so not a lot of distro people are subscribed yet. Please change that now and make good use of the list!


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