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Dragon Player Website Open

So I'm visiting my parents in Fulton for the holidays. My laptop doesn't really have the horsepower to compile kdelibs or Amarok, so I've been continuing work on Dragon Player (when not eating chocolate oranges or cookies anyways). Mostly just odds and ends. I have a KPart version of Dragon Player that links and installs, but I haven't actually figured out how to test it (it shows up in Konqueror's configuration, but Konqueror never appears to use it).

Happy Holidays!

The whole Amarok team wishes you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
May your wishes come true and 2008 be a rocking year for you, Amarok and the free desktop :)

Lydia and the Rokers

Xmas (Package) Wish List

You are missing a really cool application in Kubuntu?


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