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New to Amarok? Have a question about Amarok? Don't worry! The Amarok team is here to help you.
There are four main ways of getting support.

1. UserBase
The Amarok page on UserBase has basic documentation as well as tips and tricks. If you are looking for documentation of how a certain feature works have a look there first.

You will also find the more detailed Manual on UserBase.

2. IRC
Getting help on IRC is the easiest and quickest way of getting support. Given below is a list of Amarok channels on

  • Amarok's main English-only IRC channel: #amarok
  • Amarok's German language IRC channel:
  • Amarok's French language IRC channel:
  • Amarok's Spanish language IRC channel:
Please be patient if you don't get an answer within a few minutes.
If you don't know what IRC is or would like to learn more about it's use, consider reading the following introductory articles:

3. Amarok Forum
Go to the Amarok forum. Before posting your query in the forums you must be a registered user of the forums. Registration is free. For other languages the links are listed below:

Please search the forum for similar posts as many of the frequently asked questions have been previously asked.

4. E-Mail
Mailing lists are a way for large groups of people to keep in touch. You can subscribe yourself to the Amarok mailing list (english-only). You can post a message to all the list members, by sending an email to You do not need to be subscribed to post to this list. Please do consider going through the archives of the mailing list as your question might have been answered before.
You can also reach the above mailing list by using our contact page. Note that your message will be delivered to a public mailing list.
If you are new to mailing lists or know very little of them, consider going through the following introductory articles: