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Intervu with the guy inside my head

Yesterday, without any warning, Emanuel Goscinski asked me whether I'd like to do an interview with Of course I said yes (after all I am very selfish and like to search myself on Google ;-)).

Anyway, all this resulted in an (IMHO) quite good interview, a tiny little bit too much tech stuff, but otherwise worth reading...


Olivier Bédard, our super-cool Amarok network admin, just installed a tool called Fisheye. It's basically exactly what I was asking for in the last post, it lets you easily look at all the recent commits with a nice pretty interface to look at the diffs. There's a little button to send a given commit to the Crucible, where there's a code review system. It is proprietary; they are nice enough to let open source projects use it at no cost.

Interview with.. me, myself, and I

Recently Patrick Lauer interviewed me for "Not the Gentoo Linux Newsletter", which is not the Gentoo newsletter. In fact it's much better than that, because it's funny and at the same time informative.

In the same style, our interview turned out really nice, especially because Patrick actually took the time to do this live on IRC, instead of sending me a standard questionnaire (Yes, I'm looking at you, "People Behind KDE" editors). Without further talking, I present you the following link:


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