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VoIP - Screw it!

Now, the Amarok Wolf Brigade(tm) actually just wanted to do some VoIPing. It ended up in a big fucking mess, which lead to the awful cognition that Skype is the only usable VoIP software on Linux.
  • Wengo: crashing a lot, not logging in properly, not working properly -> I did 52 tries to package it!!!
  • Ekiga: pretty sound, shitty GUI, robot voices in conference rooms
  • Gizmo: crappy sound, crappy GUI, crappy dmix support, funky conference mode
  • Jabbin: broken website
  • KCall: crappy GUI, didn't work with wengo SIP

Jamendo Lyrics Script for Amarok

Today I finished my work for Amarok's brand new Jamendo Lyrics Script.

Now, why is it good?

Microsoft's Patents -> THE Solution

In today's total tiredness I noticed:
Linux violates 42 Microsoft patents
now the notice:
42 = the answer to life, the universe and everything

Meaning: the violation of Microsoft patents by Linux is the answer to life, the universe und everything... I say hooray! :D


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