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Jamendo Lyrics Script for Amarok

Today I finished my work for Amarok's brand new Jamendo Lyrics Script.

Now, why is it good?

  • it's using super efficient code (at leat I hope so ;-)
  • unlike about 90% (?!) of scripts out there it doesn't do HTML parsing and therefore is a lot faster
  • it's accesing a CC music website to get lyrics for CC music - and we all love CC music, don't we :-P
Now, all this wouldn't be possible without - the most lovely CC music site on the internets - big thanks to the Jamendo crew.

Last but not least also thanks to Amarok's very own adoptive wolf, C7, because without him, telling me 300 times how awesome Jamendo is, I wouldn't have checked it out until Amarok2 ....
[C7] apachelogger: hab übrigens gestern noch mit whisky (meinem hund) heulen geübt ;) aufnahmen kommen noch..
which means something like: he and his dog were practising howling yesterday ;-)

So... Check it out, ye will luv it