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A Cry for Help: Combining GraphicsView and Interview

Background Info

My Summer of Code project is to spruce up the playlist. My idea was to use Qt's new Interview system to make Amarok more memory efficient and less laggy even with large number of tracks in the playlist - performance of Amarok 1.x suffers noticeably with large playlists. This has largely worked out well. goes OpenID

So finally I got ultimately annoyed by the fact, that I have to keep 4 logins to access the Amarok web infrastructure. ITS THE SUCK!

I finally started to OpenIDify the website(s), and since Mark pointed out that I'm the wiki guy, I started with mediawiki ;-). As Professor Farnsworth will use to say "Good news everyone!" --> it's working.

Git and Linus

Read the entire KDE development with Git thread yesterday. There's been a lot of talk of such things lately... Mark Shuttleworth made the point that using a system with easy branching could really change how we worked (and made it overly clear that he didn't mean that we should all use Bazaar).


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