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Hi Planet Ubuntu :D

My name is Harald Sitter (aka apachelogger), yesterday I finally became Kubuntu/Ubuntu member, so here I am, intorducing myself.

More aKademy Photos

Nikolaj is busy uploading his aKademy photos.

I liked this one:

The Amarok 5

Foreground: Martin, Bart and Wendy
Background: Me and Leinir
In-between: Some guy

Status of QGraphicScenes and Delegates

In yesterday's blog I talked about my issue of wanting to use (animated) GraphicsView's in an Interview system for Amarok's playlist. Ivan ?uki? pointed me to a 2006 Trolltech Developer Days presentation about Advanced Item View. The presenter did show a pretty brute force way of doing animations in delegates, by just firing a timer every 40 ms. I tried this out two different ways.


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