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Amarok needs you...

...or rather, I do?!

Anyway, Amarok got plans to launch its own web radio. As you might have suspected, this causes a lot of work, which is the reason I need someone to take maintainership for Radio Anorak (doing show schedules, finding interesting content, caring about the infrastructure and maybe create a team).

As much as I'd like to do that, I just can't effort yet another very time expansive job. So, I'm looking for help, the requirements are actually quite low:

git stash

Upgraded to the latest Git last night. From the responses to the previous blog and #git chatter I knew I had git stash to look forward to.


So the Twitter hype has finally reached the Amarok team as well. If you want to follow us doing exciting things like washing dishes or eating pizza (maybe in the opposite order), get a Twitter account. Here's a list of Amarok personalities you can follow:


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