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Amarok + French + IRC = Love

Ladies, Gentleman, Bots and others, may I introduce to you on FreeNode.

Yeah, it took me over a year to get this project done, but better late than never, right? ;-)
French is now as well as English, German and Spanish one of the Amarok IRC-based support languages *cheer*

Everyone who speaks French, wants to speak French, or just once in his life wants to hang out with the cool guys -> join the channel.

In other news:

Intervu with the guy inside my head

Yesterday, without any warning, Emanuel Goscinski asked me whether I'd like to do an interview with Of course I said yes (after all I am very selfish and like to search myself on Google ;-)).

Anyway, all this resulted in an (IMHO) quite good interview, a tiny little bit too much tech stuff, but otherwise worth reading...

SNAFU .*[k\w\W].*[24]

-(~:$)-> wtf snafu
SNAFU: situation normal, all fucked up
Tomorrow it's one week of KDE 4. Well, just yet another week, with no more than 5 hours sleep per day, heavy thinking and a couple of new stress balls.

Probably none notice that I didn't blog about KDE 4, I can't even blame you, everyone else did, so I don't matter (even less then usual :-P)


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