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Amarok Resolved

Dear Tristan, I like further developed ideas, mostly, and I also like to develop ideas further.

...I just read such a further developed idea and since I like it a lot, I am goint to develop it further (normal process for me).

Tomorrow Amarok, Linux market leader in the Music Application segment, will announce something revolutionary.

READ ME - P A R T Y!!!!

It's that time of April again, Ubuntu/Kubuntu released the all new shiny versions of their distributions. This time the releaes is called Hardy Heron *woohooo*

ubuntu 5-a-day-stats?

Apparently hit 1000 triaged bugs... as first team ever!!! *jump* *party* ... ah well, no time for partying, more bugs are waiting ;-)

Still it makes me proud to be part of such a wonderful community, not only but also Ubuntu as a whole, including all of *buntu.


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