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Xmas (Package) Wish List

You are missing a really cool application in Kubuntu? channel party

Live blogging from the very first channel party :-D

Location is proudly sponsored by our very own sven423 (i.e. near Karlsruhe, Germany). Visitors are markey, Mamarok, Nightrose, Sput, basti, craegga (part time) and me.
We just had cheese fondue (very late dinner ;-) and are right now chilling like never seen before.

I can totally suggest every IRC channel to do a channel party at least once a year, totally awesome, really.

(BTW: markey is totaly in love with craegga)

MOTU *cheer*

Finally I have time to blog.

I'm glad to announce that I'm now an Ubuntu MOTU (Master of the Universe, Ubuntu Universe Maintainer - guess that would be Hu-Man or something ;-). Wohooo *cheer* *cry* *wave*

Now how is that good for me/Kubuntu/Ubuntu/everyone?


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