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It didn't get any better

Back at home (finally). I had to spend 7 hours at the Airport in Salzburg (that city with Mozart and classical music entertainment stuff) because I was far too drunk to drive home. Of course I didn't just drink coffee and hack on neon+kde... because one doesn't get much sleep @ LinuxTag, I decided to catch up on that: after sleeping on the table and in a bathtub, I ended LinuxTag 2008 with a quite long nap at the Airport, in the parking garage, in my car :-D

Anyway. It was an awesome event, again!

In more interesting news ;-):

What I did today

....sitting in front of my laptop, looking at launchpad because I was waiting for builds to finish.

Compile clusters are so much nicer -.-

Late night hacking and finding a bed

I love LinuxTag!

Stephan already blogged about how I was sleeping on the table.
So, here comes the background story:


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