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Amarok 2.7.1 "Harbinger" Released

Amarok 2.7.1 Screenie

The Amarok Team has discovered a very unpleasant bug in QtWebkit ↔ GStreamer interaction that made continuous playing almost impossible, due to frequent crashing. We decided to work around it in our code and take it as an opportunity to release a bugfix version. It contains a couple of other fixes we deemed important.

This version only contains some very essential fixes and changes compared to 2.7.0:

  • A modification in handling MusicBrainz ID tags was needed to avoid problems with falsely duplicate tracks.
  • We fixed a weird behaviour when the "Use Music Location?" question is answered "Yes" on the first run.
  • We now have worked around the QtWebkit ↔ GStreamer bug that caused frequent crashes on track start; this happened if the Wikipedia applet tried to load a page containing an audio tag.
  • The database is now also created if the home directory contains non-ASCII characters.
  • The Nepomuk Collection now also shows track numbers.
  • Note that this is just a very small subset of bug fixes that already went to upcoming Amarok 2.8, which is being baked behind the scenes and which will improve many existing features. We kept 2.7.1 as minimal as possible (with just 8 commits on top of 2.7.0) so that it is a safe and pleasant update for everyone. If you want to get a taste of what Amarok 2.8 will be, you are encouraged to use our development version.

    As usual we welcome as many testers as possible so this version will make its entry as fast as possible in the distributions updates. See the full article for download options and a full change log.

    List of All Important Changes


    • Problematic support for treating MusicBrainz ids as track unique ids was dropped; should avoid surprising "Duplicate Tracks Found" errors. BR 315329


    • Fix inability to reverse "Use Music Location" decision and inability to clear database once all collection directories have been unset. BR 316216
    • Fix frequent crashes on Linux when starting to play a track. BR 319371
    • Fix compilation error on systems with gcc-4.2 BR 314528
    • Fix inability to create database when home directory contains non-ASCII characters. BR 313914
    • Fix typo in Nepomuk query which did not let track numbers of Nepomuk Collection tracks show up in Amarok. BR 311847