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Amarok 2.7.0 available for Windows now

Amarok 2.7 Screenie

It took some time, but it is finally here: the brand new Windows build of Amarok 2.7.0

The KDE on Windows developers worked hard to publish KDE 4.10.2, so we delayed this release to make sure you can get the newest KDE as well. This should work on XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Since there are a few limitations in a Windows build, some features you know from the Linux version are not available:

  • the Nepomuk Collection plug-in is not available
  • no CD playback support
  • the features requiring Gstreamer (Equalizer, Moodbar) are not available as this version uses the VLC backend
  • Since we can't ship ffmpeg on that build, there is no transcoding either

Disclaimer: since most of our developers don't even have a Windows installation to test this build, we rely on you, dear Amarok lover, to help us testing and to report any bugs you might find. Please report them to our bugtracker and don't forget to specify the version and the exact Windows platform.

If you have filed bugs for the previous versions on Windows, please check if you can reproduce them with the 2.7.0 version as well, we would be very grateful for your help with that:)

Thanks to some attentive testers, we have now uploaded a patched version that comes with the corrected installation path.



You cant add Networkdevices

You cant add Networkdevices to you playlist. Not via local and not via "add nettwork folder"

Thank you!

Thanks for all the hard work. Your by far the best audio player for Linux and it's nice knowing that when I use Windows I can bring you on over there as well.

Thank you

Thank you

it still doesn't remember

it still doesn't remember which monitor it was on when closed and restarted. and still no ability to play from network shares. but it looks certainly more polished than the older versions. new releases keep coming, but the problems stay the same...