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MOTU *cheer*

Finally I have time to blog.

I'm glad to announce that I'm now an Ubuntu MOTU (Master of the Universe, Ubuntu Universe Maintainer - guess that would be Hu-Man or something ;-). Wohooo *cheer* *cry* *wave*

Now how is that good for me/Kubuntu/Ubuntu/everyone?
Primarily it speeds up the process of uploading new packages to the ubuntu universe, hence the flood of KDE packages can heavily increase :-P . It also gives me the possibility to review new packages by other contributors, which means I can help keeping the latency of KDE related packages down (at least for me it usually was unbelievable high). Last but not least it's easier (as in faster) for me to fix bugs and such.

All in all: yay, I love being a MOTU :-D

I want to thank everyone who supported (mentally - Mamarok, Nightrose ;-) and helped me and of course Daniel, Michael and Søren for voting in favor of my application :)
Also I thank everyone who congratulated me (shouldn't I have already done that, be ensured that I simply didn't because I was busy revuing, discussing or packaging - busy weekend).

Now, let the contributors come!