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Hardy Kay

Today I started my packaging work for Kubuntu Hardy Heron (god, I <3 the names :-P).

Anyway, since I have about 300 packages which didn't make it into Gutsy I'll first have to update them and get them into Hardy ASAP. So maybe I can get some new packages on my TODO. But really, revuing is taking far too long, if I'd start packaging new software from kde-apps straight ahead, I probably have about 600 packages for Hardy+1. Also I somehow doubt the maintainability of that many packages ;-)

Maybe I can even revu for Hardy+1, after all the target is still to become a MOTU (though, how can I revu while maintaining 600 packages... now that's insane - welcome back to the apachelogger world ;-)

So on the road are:
  • kthinkbat
  • tastymenu
Also, does someone know whether projectM 1.0 is working with libvisual+Amarok? Either I broke my package or "ehmm... Houston, we got a problem!"