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Amarok needs you...

...or rather, I do?!

Anyway, Amarok got plans to launch its own web radio. As you might have suspected, this causes a lot of work, which is the reason I need someone to take maintainership for Radio Anorak (doing show schedules, finding interesting content, caring about the infrastructure and maybe create a team).

As much as I'd like to do that, I just can't effort yet another very time expansive job. So, I'm looking for help, the requirements are actually quite low:
  • kinda knowledge of amarok
  • good music taste
  • ability to do organizing
  • some hours per week
  • proper hardware (means soundcard with hardware mixing etc)
  • interest in longtime work with/on web radios
In general it's like almost every job I come up with: it can be done by mostly everyone. If you're interested, got a question or something, mail harald -a..t- or just leave a comment here.