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Go Solid Go!

I've been rather silent on the topic of progress in media devices. Part of this is that much of the work has happened behind the scenes. Just yesterday I spent hours editing device definitions in libmtp and libnjb so that they'd be able to propagate the correct vendor and product info through hal, because hal's handling of it leaves something to be desired. For instance, on my Creative Zen MicroPhoto, it correctly detected the vendor and product.

Power saving++

Intel launched, a collection of tips and tools for extreme powersaving. And I, as someone who loves _very_ long standby times, of course started right away enhancing my gomobile script (I run this script on demand, since it doesn't make much sense to activate all power saving settings just for going downstairs where AC plug is waiting anyway).

more on Apple

I don't keep it a secret that my grudge against Apple is somewhat personal; about a month after DAAP support was added into Amarok, iTunes 7 was released which dose not allow third-party applications to browse its DAAP server. That after I had worked hard to make Amarok function with the already discovered iTunes v4.5 DAAP hash. (iTunes 7's DAAP hash still hasn't been recreated, it probably doesn't help that the people who setup a site for to figure out the hash make a product obviously meant for piracy ARRGH! on campus networks.)


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