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Roktoberfest: Support Amarok. Win a iAudio7!

It's Roktober again here at the Amarok Project and we are giving away an iAudio7 mobile player to celebrate. Roktober is the time we review the events of the past 12 months, start planning, and do the fundraising for the next year. The funds this year were spent mainly on our webserver. We also funded the development meeting at aKademy. The money also helped to pay travel expenses for our booth workers.

To keep up with our plans, especially regarding the upcoming release of Amarok 2.0 and our current server costs, we are looking at expenses of € 5,000 for the coming year. We will keep the same procedure as last year. For every € 10 you donate you will receive one entry in the drawing which will considerably raise your chances to win the very cool device we chose this time: the Cowon iAudio7 player, capable of playing MP3, OGG-Vorbis, WMA, ASF, FLAC, WAV, MPEG4, FM Radio listening and  Line-In recording. It comes with a flash memory of 8 GB!

PayPal is the easiest way to donate, just click the link in the left banner. You do not need a Paypal account; a credit card works as well. If you prefer to send a check or a European bank transfer, send a mail to and we can provide a mailing address or SWIFT.

Thank You for helping us to keep Amarok the Best Music Player Ever!

Update: Thanks to everyone for making this the most successful Roktoberfest ever. We will announce the winner shortly - just watch this spot.

Read more for the year in review.

The last 12 months have been spent with a tremendous amount of work in development which led to the release of 1.4.5 on February 4th. The last release to integrate new features came up with some interesting novelties, like the integrated Shoutcast stream directory, the ability to tag your music as well as much improved sound quality when using the equalizer with Xine. The following release of 1.4.6 on June 21st included the much awaited iconset with Oxygen colors, a new SQLite version for a much faster database backend as well as a load of bug fixes which were the main focus of the 1.4.6. release. Only 2 months later we came up with the 1.4.7 bug fix release introducing an Oxygen colored application icon and queries improvements.

But the main developer focus already was on the upcoming Amarok 2.0, and this year's Summer of Code came in handy for some stunning work on the Plasmification of the Context Browser by Leo Franchi and an awesome Playlist Redesign by Ian Monroe.

The year would be somewhat boring if we didn't get in touch with our users in Real Life too, so this year's appearances were FOSDEM in Brussels in February, LinuxTag in Berlin in May with a booth, talk and workshop and the much awaited aKademy in Glasgow in June. For our last appearance at FrOSCon in Bonn-St.Augustin in August we were even awarded the coveted "Party animals of Open Source '07" award!

All of this would not have been possible without your support, so, once again, Thank You!



I´ve just gave my donation

Amarok is the best music player: it makes my life easier working with my Ipod, listening from my account or buying to Magnatune. Thanks to all developer for Amarok.

Thanks for your support.

Thanks for your support. Magnatune helps us out as well (pays a developer) so thanks for being a customer of theirs as well. :)

I paid too

I just paid 20€, I hope you'll get all the money you deserve :)

could you provide a normal

could you provide a normal bank-account (SWIFT/IBAN whatever) where to send some money?

Just email

Just email for info.

If you mail

If you mail you will get a mail from someone (I got one from greg) with these codes.

But I guess it is better to put them up for everyone

Greg is our treasurer. :)

Greg is our treasurer. :)


10 Dolars from Colombia¡¡¡ :D

credit card?

I don't have a PayPal account (and given what I read about PayPal I don't really feel like getting one) and international money transfers are a murder with my bank (€10 fee per transaction). Is there a way to donate with a credit card?? I don't really feel like paying my bank €10 for donating €20 to Amarok (I like Amarok way more than I like my bank).

You don't need a paypal

You don't need a paypal account to give money. It will ask for your credit card. It will probably also ask if you want to log in to your account, but you can just ignore that.

Let's go

10 € more! Thanks a lot for the best player on the world!

Best Regards and good luck for the collect


5€ more from spain!

5€ more from spain!

Animo! Good luck!

10 more from spain!

Another 5€ from Spain :)

Another 5€ from Spain :)

funds += 10€ Keep going!

funds += 10€

Keep going!

Another 10€ from Spain

Another 10€ from Spain, good luck and continue in the same line.

Best regards

Hooray, Spain is awesome.

Hooray, Spain is awesome.

from spain to amarok

15€ to you, and good luck.

Credit card

If you use your credit card, it actually creates a PayPal account for you. But what the hell, there goes €20 from the Czech Republic - keep up the good work, guys. Amarok rocks! :)


50 Eur, from DosBit. Good luck!

there's no 6GB Version (just 4, 8 and 16) ;-)

20 euros for the best music player ever!

Sorry ;-)

We meant 8 GB of course. Must have slipped through.
I fixed it.
Thx for bringing it to our attention and for your donation.

150 $ from Italia SW (Italy)

Thanks for your work and your precious time dedicated to this project :) team

150 $ from Italia SW (Italy)

Thanks for your work and for your precious time dedicated to this project. Team


Doesn't paypal charge you for every transaction? If so, I'd prefer your bank account data cause that should be free as in beer.

$20 more from the mountains of Colorado

Awesome software. I've been addicted since I first began using it many versions ago .



So that is $donated_ammount

So that is $donated_ammount += 20 from the netherlands :)

ok just found out the 20

ok just found out the 20 euro donation costed me a extra €13,10 on bank transfer fee's
But waiting for paypal to receive my check takes a week, think it is time to get a credit card

$10USD - Yay amaroK


Good Luck

Really looking forward to the new amarok. $10 USD from me
Hope you reach your goal.

Long life to Amarok!

Here comes 20€!
Keep on working guys!

Keep it up!

Keep up the good work! Amarok is most certainly the best player I've ever used! PayPal just confirmed you have another 30 EUR to spend.

5€ from czech :)

Next 5€ .. thank you for this program! :-)



long life amar0k!!! go go go!!

Amarok is outstanding

20 Euro from Australia. You guys do incredible work and have an amazing program. Thanks for all the effort.


15 euros from Spain

First donation to open source

Hey, I just did my first donation ever to an open source project !
So here's my freakin 20 better than US Canadian dollars ! ;)
I'm currently set on a new Mac after using Amarok on Linux for years and I'm going crazy ! The players there are nowhere near what Amarok is ! So I hope my contribution will help a bit, and please give me soon a Mac version or I'll becoming insane !

20 USD from Norway

I donated 20 USD to Amarok. Hope I win that nice music player! ;D

I hope to see better support for Ogg Flac (extension: .oga; mime: audio/ogg) in the coming Amarok 2.0 release. Possibly a Mac release too?

Mac Release

A Mac ( And windows ) release is in the pipeline, but it most likely will not happen untill Qt4.4 is released, as that will feature Phonon backends for all platforms so we don't have to write and maintain our own, but can focus on making Amarok rock! :-)

Actually, Amarok2 already builds natively on both, it just cannot play any sounds... o.O


I just donated 10€.

Amarok is great!

Greetings from Iceland,

Ingi Bjarni

From Italy

10 euros for you! Thanks!

Best music player ever!

My first donation to an OpenSource project, wooo... I use Amarok for about two years now and absolutely love it! Keep up the great work guys! Warm regards from cold Wroclaw, Poland.

Amarok for OS X,

Amarok for OS X, NOW¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ :(

Amarok for OS X,

Amarok for OS X, NOW¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ :(

10€ from France for the best music player !

Thank you for this great player. Hope to see Amarok working under XP to introduce my friends with Amarok (they don't want to install Linux on their computer !)


$5 CAD for you! It doesn't get me into the draw apparently, but it's all I had in my paypal (which takes 10 business days to refill). Hopefully I can contribute with code in the future, but for now enjoy my monies.

Thanks for the great player ladies and fellas!


I've been using Amarok for the past 15-18 months. I share my time between M$ and Linux worlds. I am always so happy to boot-up Linux so I can listen to my music thank to Amarok :)

That's it, I just made sure you guys reached your 5000 euros goal.
Congratulation you made it!

iAudio7 drawing

Is it too late to get into the iAudio7 drawing? The news post doesn't give an end date. ;-)

It's €10 for the contest right? not $10 US or CAD??

I'm just asking because right now the USD is worth half of what the Euro is...