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Discover Amarok

Amarok has many exciting features. Here's just the tip of the iceberg.

Integrated Web Services

Much of where work has been invested in Amarok 2 is the Web services integration. Now Amarok can connect to various Web services and access the music directly, greatly expanding the potential number of songs at your fingertips. Thanks to the powerful API, adding additional services can be done with very little effort.


    Scrobble and listen to any radio stream with fully featured integration.

  • Magnatune


    Buy tracks from the integrated Magnatune store, and help support the music label that Is Not Evil.

  • The Echo Nest Recommendations


    Let The Echo Nest recommend songs similar to ones you are already playing.

  • Ampache


    Connect remotely to an Ampache music server and browse, search, playback media files.

  • MP3tunes


    Download and Upload to your MP3tunes Locker in Amarok. Never leave your music at home again!

  • Jamendo Service


    Enjoy Jamendo's rich database of independent artists.

  • OPML Podcast Directory

    OPML Podcasts

    Find, subscribe, and download audio and video podcasts from all over the ultimate podcast directory.

  • Librivox


    Listen to streaming audio books straight from the Librivox catalog.


  • Scripts

    Enhance your Amarok experience with community developed scripts.

  • Dynamic Playlists

    Create playlists that automatically update based on complex, but easy to use, constraints. e.g., tracks from around the year 1967

  • Context View

    Customize the supplemental information related to your music with the Plasma powered Context View.

  • PopUp Dropper

    Simplify drag and drop actions with the revolutionary PopUp Dropper menu system.

  • Multiple Language Translations

    Enjoy Amarok in your native language, with over 45 community contributed translations.

  • Cross Platform

    Thanks to Qt4 and KDE4 technologies you can run Amarok on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

  • Collection Management

    Organizing your music collection has never been easier with Amarok's powerful tagging, renaming, and sorting abilities.

  • Database Importing

    Import your iTunes or old Amarok 1.4 database and keep your playcounts, statistics, and scores.

  • Scriptable Services

    Integrate other web services into Amarok with community developed services. Here are just a few: Greek Radio Streams, and NPR.

  • Bookmarking

    Mark positions in tracks to come back and listen to later. Automatic bookmarking will ensure you can pick up where you left off in that podcast or audio book

  • File Tracking

    Move your music files around or rename them and don't fear! Amarok will keep track of the files. Your statistics and playlists are safe. As of Amarok 2.2 file tracking can use Musicbrainz identifiers.

  • Audio CDs

    Play your Audio CDs in Amarok, and use the Copy to Collection feature to easily rip them to your local collection.