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Fast Forward to 1.4.7

Yet another bugfix release from the Amarok cave to shorten the time until Amarok 2.0 hits the earth. Our code monkeys have been working very hard to get you an even more polished version of Amarok 'Fast Forward'.

Amarok 1.4.7 includes an improved collection backend as well as a new icon coloring provided by Pasi Lallinaho. The streams we provide got a cleanup to give you the finest and coolest streams available. Of course we have also fixed a bunch of bugs, even though our main focus has moved to Amarok 2.0 development.

In other news: parts of your favorite team will attend FrOSCon in Sankt Augustin, Germany, on August 25th and 26th. So come visit and and say hello. Don't tell anyone but we even have a little surprise for everyone visiting us with a USB stick. Don't forget to bring cookies ;-).

  • Updated the Cool Streams.
  • Improved application icon. Thanks go to Pasi Lallinaho.
  • Upgraded SQLite to 3.4.1
  • SQL improvements providing optimisations on intensive queries. Patch by Gosta


  • Wikipedia artist lookup would freeze Amarok if the artist was not found and the locale was not English. (BR 142764)
  • Cannot limit smart playlists to more than 1000 tracks. (BR 148084)
  • Fixed the formatting in the "Extended Info" pane for podcasts.
  • Don't show "Not Rated" for items rated with half a star. Patch by Tuomas Nurmi
  • Copy, don't move items from Cool Streams to folders. (BR 147404)
  • Sometimes folders in the playlistbrowser could be lost. (BR 147404)
  • NJB devices could have tags corrupted that contained Unicode characters. Patch by Kun Xi
  • Show OSD when changing song rating via shortcut. Patch by Tuomas Nurmi
  • Show the stars indicating rating with the correct size in the OSD. Patch Patch by Tuomas Nurmi
picture kindly provided by SeraphimC (CC: by-nc-nd)


Great work

Another amazing release. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Thanks dude :) Have fun with

Thanks dude :) Have fun with 1.4.7

Thanks for fixing the folder

Thanks for fixing the folder bug in the playlist tab! I've been annoyed by it for a while now.

Another great release

1.4.7 rocks! Can't wait for 2.0!

I heard a rumor that the "Browser" tabs on the left will be redesigned for the 2.0 release. If this is true, I think it might be an idea to put podcasts and radio stations somewhere more intuitive than under "playlists".

Keep up the great work.

port to QT4 Amarok 1.4.x ???

As far as I understand Amarok 2.0 will not be released together with KDE 4.0. Amarok has own release schedule. Please correct me if I am wrong. Are there any plans to port Amarok 1.4.x branch to QT4 to make it avaliable for KDE 4.0?


I'm not an Amarok developer,

I'm not an Amarok developer, but I'm pretty sure that the answer is no. The immense effort just wouldn't be worth it. Well, actually, the porting to Qt 4.x is part of what Amarok 2 is about.
Besides, I'm pretty sure you can still use KDE 3.x apps in KDE 4, you only need to have the legacy kdelibs and Qt 3.x installed.

Yep, porting to Qt4 is what

Yep, porting to Qt4 is what KDE4 and Amarok 2 are all about. Porting Amarok 1.4 to Qt 4 is completely nonsensical. :)

Maybe not so nonsensical

? That's about Amarok 2.0.

That's about Amarok 2.0.


I've just installed 1.4.7 and I like it. Fair enough, not much has changed, but I'm impressed by the new icon set alone!! lol

Can't wait till 2.0!

What is surprise?

I am Brazilian and no go to for event. What is surprise?

It was some coupons for

It was some coupons for Magnatune.