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VFAT Rewrite

    ATF stuff has taken a backseat for a bit while I rewrite the VFAT device plugin. Originally I had ported the code over from the ifp media device plugin...the problem is that to deal with the differences between the two kinds of devices the code quickly became full of hacks. Changing one thing meant five other things broke...a bad situation.

Rip your CDs with KIO and amaroK

    Yesterday I commited some code to the Collection Browser that allows it to accept URLs with the audiocd:/ protocol.  If your machine supports this (the audiocd:/ kioslave is probably in the kdemultimedia package), you can rip by doing the following;

Updated ATF Info

ATF, or Advanced Tag Features, will hopefully enable a whole range of really cool features in amaroK. I've updated the Wiki with new information that reflects the changes that have gone on. Fortunately none have been in the API, just under-the-hood changes. Regardless, as it's still so new and untested, I doubt anyone's turned it on except for me anyways. Heh.


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