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Go Go GTK!

Update: Since I've gotten a few relatively profane comments (which I've elected not to post) about blah blah pissing contest blah blah cant we all work together blah blah you are a stupid moron blah blah, please note that nowhere in this post did I mention Qt. This was not a "my widget set is better than your widget set" post. This was a "WTF, why can't I resize this box properly, and why does it end up moving up into the toolbar, how silly of it" post.

Go Solid Go!

I've been rather silent on the topic of progress in media devices. Part of this is that much of the work has happened behind the scenes. Just yesterday I spent hours editing device definitions in libmtp and libnjb so that they'd be able to propagate the correct vendor and product info through hal, because hal's handling of it leaves something to be desired. For instance, on my Creative Zen MicroPhoto, it correctly detected the vendor and product.

XBox Live: "Horny" bad, "Anus" good

I am not normally a vengeful person; I am normally quite the nice guy. Maybe a bit too sarcastic for my own good, but hey, I do like British humor. But sometimes I can be vengeful, and the payoff can be absolutely golden...this is such a case.


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