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Bang, bam, boom

I've been knocking down my to-do list like there's no tomorrow. I posted recently about the VFAT device rewrite; it is now complete and early testing results seem to be positive (it's been renamed to "Generic Audio Player" by the way). In addition, ATF backend support should now be fairly complete. I've been debugging it for a while and everything seems to work well now.

More on the VFAT rewrite

The VFAT rewrite continues apace (it may get renamed for 1.4 final).  Many functions have now been implemented, and far from scaring me, I now feel quite comfortable with the code I've written.  Just goes to show how taking a fresh perspective can really make a difference.  It should be working much better than the previous incarnation of the plugin once it's done, and hopefully folks using 1.4 final will be happy with it.


While updating my box at work today to kernel 2.6.16, I noticed that it now has support for Rio Karma partitions.  This rocks, as the Karma is a very capable player that can play FLAC (and I think Ogg Vorbis) in addition to MP3, but previous had no Linux support.  I'll have to find a time to grab my girlfriend's Karma and give it a go...if she lets me...


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