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Ubucon and end of Roktober ahead!

You can find Lydia's regular blog over here.

Less than 13 hours left until Sven (sven423) and I are taking the train to Krefeld for Ubucon to meet up with Mark (markey), Myriam (Mamarok), and Marcus (czessi) and give two talks.

Our talks will be:

?Kubuntu :: Collaboration To The Core? on Saturday
?Amarok :: Forming the Core 2" on Sunday

Avast! Today be Pirate Day!

Ahoy, ye scurvy sea dogs. Today be the day for talkin' like a pirate! Have a mug o' fine rum an' set out for some swashbucklin' fun. Show them land lubbers what a pirate is made of, yarrrr!

Fair Winds,
Yer Cap'n Marrrrrkey

Homeless People

Wtf is going on with our society? I am living in Germany, one of the richest countries in the world. Life is good here. It's common here to have a nice flat, wear beautiful clothing and to drive comfortable cars like Mercedes. We should not complain. And yet, life isn't good for everyone here. There is a small minority of people who cannot afford to buy a car, or a flat, or nice clothes; in fact they cannot afford to buy food to survive the day.


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