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Markey @ Ubuntu Release Event (Lausanne)


On Saturday Myriam and I visited the Ubuntu release party in Lausanne (some city in Switzerland), where I also had the pleasure of giving a talk about Amarok 2, and we enjoyed some fine beer and foods. Admittedly I get easily bored at such events, but this time I quite enjoyed myself, making some new friends and playing some Frisbee and table soccer.

Enough boring talk, here's some pics:

Amarok SoC: Scripting 2.0

I'd like to welcome Peter Zhou (peterzl on IRC), one of the Amarok SoC students for 2008. I'll let his words introduce him:

Hi my name is Peter Zhou, I am a Mainland China student pursuing bachelor degree in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

I am glad that I can now witness the growth of Amarok by involving the core development team. I will redo the scripting interface and rewrite some GUI functions in order to enable the external access to the whole Amarok GUI interface. Then the wolf would have a even more powerful inside.^_^

Introduction: I'm Amarok's new Artist

Hi All!

I'm really happy to say that I'm a new artist for the Amarok project. You might remember me as a programmer, but now we Amarok programmers also create artwork for the project.

Please check out my first contribution, a new logo:

Isn't that awesome? I've always had a talent for drawing, and I think this really shows.


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