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Amarok Scripting SoC Project - Week 3

My SoC student Peter Zhou has interesting news about his progress with Amarok 2's all-new scripting system. I'm pasting his blog here, as he is not yet aggregated on Planet KDE.

Before that, let me fill you in with the details about our plans for scripting in Amarok 2:

  • Amarok scripts are based on QtScript (= JavaScript)

  • Scripts are running in-process, as opposed to Amarok 1's way of running them in a separate process

  • The new script manager will be able to do version management, and possibly automatic upgrades

Team Amarok on Twitter

With all the hype around Twitter currently, I'd like to let you know that the Amarok team is of course also tweeting happily (and has been doing so before you have even heard of Twitter :p)

Feel free to follow us:

Mark Kretschmann
Ian Monroe

Amarok 2 Gets Music Video Support!


over the last few days I've been working on a video applet for Amarok 2, allowing you to view music videos directly in Amarok's new context view. Here comes the screenshot:


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