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Dragon Player moved into kdereview

So Dragon Player is moving into kdereview for at least a couple of weeks before perhaps moving on to KDE Multimedia.

To update your SVN checkout do:
svn switch svn://

There should be a beta release soonish. I consider Dragon Player mostly ready for a 2.0 release, just a bit more polish and some more testing (which is where the beta would come in).

Dragon Player Website Open

So I'm visiting my parents in Fulton for the holidays. My laptop doesn't really have the horsepower to compile kdelibs or Amarok, so I've been continuing work on Dragon Player (when not eating chocolate oranges or cookies anyways). Mostly just odds and ends. I have a KPart version of Dragon Player that links and installs, but I haven't actually figured out how to test it (it shows up in Konqueror's configuration, but Konqueror never appears to use it).

Dragon Player 2.0 Alpha 1 released

First off, I've graduated Truman State University with a Computer Science major. Hooray! It's been a good 4.5 years, I would do it again. :-)

So I've decided to rename Codeine/Video Player to Dragon Player. Its named in honor of KDE's mascot Konqui of course. I've always been a fan, I requested and received a Konqui shirt back when I was in 11th grade for my birthday (which is 3 or 4 years before I started coding for KDE).


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