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Sad news

Just read that Terry Pratchett has a rare early onset Alzheimer's. As he points out he ain't dead yet, but its still sad to think about the decade or two or three of books that now won't be written (assuming he doesn't pull a Stephen Hawkins).

In Pratchettian style he notes that frequently people want to help in such situations, but he'd only accept offers from "very high-end experts in brain chemistry."

Work on Video Player

Recently I've been working again on Video Player; see the blog announcing Video Player if you're wondering what I mean (the summary: its Codeine 2.0). It's codebase is nice and small so it's pretty easy to make some progress. First thing I did was remove the remaining dependencies on KDE 3 Support and Qt 3 Support. I can't really say its fully ported yet, but its certainly no longer using any deprecated APIs. Thanks to some help from Matt Rogers of Kopete fame, it also no longer crashes on exit.

Five Years of Amarok; Git Script

An important anniversary went unnoticed last month - Amarok turned 5. According to main.cpp Amarok was created on "Mit Okt 23 14:35:18 CEST 2002". At least we were celebrating Roktober anyways. :-)


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