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Taiwan Day 0

Getting There
Yesterday I arrived in Taipei after about 22 hours of airplanes and airports. At least for a Missouri guy like me, it seems sparling and huge. Fellow Amarok dev and Sydney resident Seb Ruiz isn't so impressed. I didn't get lost on my way to the hostel until the very last block. I walked into a bakery probably looking quite lost (I had been walking around a single block for about 10 minutes) and one of the workers asked me "do you need help?" in English.

The Summit

I know I promised on-going blogs on the Linux Collaboration Summit, but I failed. From previous experience I knew not to count on reliable Internet access at the conference site; I was planning to just post the blogs I had written during the day when I returned to the hotel. What I didn't count on was the conference rooms would have less electrical outlets then your average dorm room. We blamed the nearby super-computer for taking all our power.

Texas Bound

Tomorrow morning I'm headed to Kirksville Regional Airport and then eventually to Texas for the three-day Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit. I've never been to a non-KDE tech conference before; I'm really looking forward to it. There should be lot's of business types, I'm packing a lot of polo shirts instead of the usual Amarok t-shirts I'd wear at aKademy. Note to self: buy KDE-themed polo shirts.


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