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Amarok 2: Cross platform

Development work on Amarok 2 has been gathering some momentum. It’s nice to see, but there is still so much work to do.

Cross platform support is also being improved drastically. Martin has done some work on OSX development, with Benjamin Reed doing lots of hard work on amarok builds (screenshot proof).

Support KDE and Amarok on Facebook!

Facebook now allows businesses/organisations/groups etc to create base station pages on the site. Become a fan of these pages and spread the KDE love - do your part in the wild world that is viral marketing!

KDE and Amarok are now on facebook - tell your friends, tell the world!

Google Streetview Camera Car in Sydney

Exciting news! I’ve spotted a Google streetview car in Sydney! Hopefully this means that Google Maps Sydney will soon get a street view so that we can play fun privacy invasion games.


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