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Amarok 2: Artwork is Back

My last couple of weeks has been spent focusing on getting cover art back up to scratch in Amarok 2. Cover art really adds a lot of spice and colour into the UI of the application, especially now that we are showing the artwork in the collection browser, context view and playlist. For those of you who are supremely organised, the collection scanner will now trawl through directories and try to pick up images it thinks are relevant to the songs which are being scanned. Embedded artwork is not implemented currently but it is certainly on the todo list.

A Letter

Dear Poisonous People

Please fuck off.


Review: AutopanoPro

What: Autopano (registered version @ 99 euro)

Verdict: totally awesome.

- Very fast, reliable stitching of images together
- Excellent colour and exposure correction, even if you don’t lock your exposures
- Supports HDR imaging! Create panoramas out of raw format files and then use tone mapping software like Qtpfsgui
- Excellent barrel distortion compensation on wide angled shots
- Qt4! (and cross platform)


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