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Open Tech Summit Taiwan - Day 2

Didn’t get a chance to blog about day 2 of the OTST2008 meeting yesterday since everything has been so hectic. Day 2 was similar in order to Saturday, hearing lots of excellent talks about open hardware and software. I found the talks on and Open Street Map particularly exciting and look forward to seeing how the future plays out.

Open Tech Summit Taiwan - Day 1

Reporting from the luxuries of free Internet at our hostel in Taipei, Ian and I have been going over the talk that we’ll be giving on Amarok tomorrow at the Open Tech Summit here in Taiwan. The entire day today has been spent at the (very nice) Asus corporate headquarters - about 20 minutes on the metro ride outside of Taipei. The metro itself is a nice analogy to the Taiwanese people. Exceptionally efficient, very friendly and hospitable, immaculately clean and well thought out. Kudos to you, Taiwanese government.

Interviewed at

I’ve just been interviewed at a Spanish website which promotes open source software, The interview follows one of my pet projects, squash, and really stretched out my spanish skills :).

interview link (spanish)


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