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About the karaoke and the linuxtag

First part of exams done! *yay*

But meanwhile Stephan invited kwwii for a bit of karaoke @ LinuxTag in Berlin. Kwwii of course agreed, which made Stephan wondering what will happen with records that go straight into my hands.

Project Neon - Explained

For comments on comments :-D from yesterday's post please read at the very bottom.

Let's get started with the technical details.

Project Neon - Amarok (2) Nightly Builds

Yesterday we (the masters of Amarok) published a super secret project, named Neon.

A least 5 people ask us every day when Amarok 2 will be ready and when it will be easy to install without compiling it - since yesterday we can tell them: there you go!

Project Neon makes it possible for YOU and me and everyone (kind of, at least ;-)


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