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Project Neon

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you - the Neon!

Neon is our shiny new nightly builds service for Amarok. Neon makes it easy to follow development of Amarok by regularly providing packages for you to install.
It is set up to be usable alongside your stable version. Even though we try to keep your data secure, you should be aware that Neon is providing mostly unreleased and untested software, which might as well eat your system. Neon is intended to be used by everyone who wants to help us find bugs, keep track of development, join development or just wants to live on the bleeding edge. It is not intended to be used instead of a stable and full featured Amarok.

We started this service with packages for Amarok 2 for Kubuntu but packages for openSUSE will follow soon and we hope more distributions will join.

To install it on Kubuntu Hardy add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list file:
deb hardy main
check for updates, install amarok-nightly and enjoy.

Please be aware that Amarok 2 is still in heavy development and therefore it is very likely that you will encounter bugs, things that are not finished and features that will change before we release Amarok 2.0. We welcome everyone to send patches and help us get Amarok 2 ready soon.

If you want to stay up to date on all things Neon please subscribe to the dedicated mailinglist. Availability of packages for other distributions will be announced there and on the Project Neon wiki page.

When reporting bugs please consider that for now we only accept bug reports for bugs that are not obvious and are easy to reproduce or have a useful backtrace. Of course we like bugs with attached patches the most ;-)


I,ve heard about your

I,ve heard about your program, and looks awesome. I signed the rss feed of this site, and Im waiting to see a windows version. Even if this take much time. iTunes sucks and Ive seen nothing interesting about music players for windows.


Good news, will definitely test this.


Thank you, good job...

Leonardo, I'm not sure, but

Leonardo, I'm not sure, but I think that you can test it with QT for windows (

thanks, I will take a look.

thanks, I will take a look.

Use Linux, Luke! ;)

Ever considered trying Linux? It's Free (as in Speech), you know... ;)


Use the BuildService [ ]
With it you can make packages and repositories for many distributions including openSUSE, Fedora, Mandriva and so on.

Yea the build service is

Yea the build service is great and it's actually the reason I just recently switched to OpenSuse, for their KDE4 trunk build service.

However not everyone wants to run SVN code as their desktop. :) Neon makes it easy to build KDE4 apps and run Amarok 2 from trunk without replacing your KDE 4.0 or KDE 3.5 desktop.

should add

I should add that likely the other distros will be using the build service.

Great job

Wow! I got the nightly build just to test it for the first time. I'm just so impatient sometimes :). I have to say that I'm really impressed with your work on this one. Despite the missing features and some (very) rough edges, it runs smooth as honey on my 3 year old desktop. I'm totally convinced this is going to be the best music player in the world once it's done. Great job guys!

Do it for the libs, baby

Hey wait, does that mean that you're going to regularly provide nightly builds of qt-copy, kdelibs, kdebase-runtime and all that jazz? I mean, *that* qt-copy that takes awfully long to compile, needs a lots of hard disk space for source and object files, and that I would prefer not to build by myself at all?

If that is actually the case, you should probably decouple those base packages from the Amarok build (but still letting it depend on them) and provide qt-copy & Co. as a general service for devs who want to develop on the bleeding-edge KDE trunk but don't like to compile the base libraries for themselves.

Or you could position Neon as general nightly build program open for all of KDE's packages, and add more of those as (additional) nightly build maintainers join the party. Think of how that would enable a whole lot more programmers to develop widgets for the new plasma, or make sure their applications are in sync with the upcoming KDE version, or of course hack on Amarok like there is no tomorrow!

Ok, the latter is possible also with the current packages, and I guess the former two as well, but it would be nice to see a nightly KDE libs build that is not *only* dependent on Amarok's needs, should they differ for any unanticipated reason.

It's not coupled with Amarok

It's not coupled with Amarok much. Basically install amarok-nightly, look at the bash script of amarok-nightly that sets up the environment. Run those commands and you can start building anything that needs the latest kdelibs bindings.

I used this to build and develop Amarok out of SVN. :)

Well alright

Ok, let's see if I can get this thing to run. 2,2 GB qt-copy build dir, be gone! Welcome, lots of apps that fit into 2,2 GB!

No Icons displayed under Hardy Heron

Great idea. It's definitely gonna make it much easier to stay up to speed with the development.
I tried it on my fresh hardy heron. I added the repository and installed amarok-nightly. However, When I launch the application, no icon is displayed. All the images are gone (playlist, toolbars, menus... no images at all).
I'm using plain Ubuntu (no Kubuntu). A bug in the packaging maybe?

This is a known issue

This is a known issue that is being worked on, so try updating in a few days. :-)

great work

it's a bit... errr... fragile when i click around a bit here and there, but it plays music just fine. and getting nightly builds ready to install every day is even better than the (also cool) script back in the (i guess) 1.4 days, that downloaded the svn and build it automatically. and for the delay of the windows/osx: i'm quite glad it takes some time, so my girlfriend switched to linux to get rid of coping with itunes madness', waiting for the osx port :-)

keep it up,

No sound in my Amarok-nightly

I'm install Amarok in my Ubuntu 8.04, I search all of my media, but , when I play a song, there is no sound, and the progress bar of the track works.


i think it's time i finally contribute something to this outstanding project. i'll give it a whirl and report any bugs i find

(K)Ubuntu Hardy - A helpful backport.


I'm subscribed to "hardy-backports" repository, and today it installed a brand-new qt-copy 4.4 for me, system wide. So, could it be possible in Hardy, to build Amarok2 against that qt-copy, instead of requiring an Amarok-only copy of Qt?

network media

sorry if this is a low blow, but airtunes in amoroK anytime soon?

maybe I'm wack, but I figure replacing apple tv, veohtv and airtunes and the iphone are on the agenda
and wireless networked media is super hyphyuntu...

Amarok, ff

I've only started with Kubuntu about half a year ago and love it! I'd love to see Neon in a more stable version soon! I particularly hope that it will also be able to fast forward web audio streams with amarok2, since the current Amarok only plays these from beginning to and, no random forwarding:(

Rick Indien


Great service!
But i've 2 questions:
Amarok MySQL-Support is already implemented, isn't it?
Thus it would be nice if you compiled amarok-nightly with "--enable-mysql".

The second one is:
Is the Amarok2-MySQL-database compatible with the one of Amarok 1.4.9 or does it have a different structure?

Congrats to your great project!
Jan Holthuis

No MySQL support is not done

No MySQL support is not done yet.
And no it will not be the same db-scheme. We will however of course provide conversion scripts and all that.


In the final release will the Amarok Plasmoids be placeable on the desktop and visa-versa?

Is it supposed to already work, and mine does not?

no and no

no and no


Is anyone building nightly Fedora packages?

Why does this bring in a

Why does this bring in a hebrew dictionary and a load of other crud on ubuntu hardy?

Dabian package

Any plans for a Debian build?

Absolutely sweet piece of

Absolutely sweet piece of code.

How do I use an Ipod classic with that?