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Hardy Kay

Today I started my packaging work for Kubuntu Hardy Heron (god, I <3 the names :-P).

Anyway, since I have about 300 packages which didn't make it into Gutsy I'll first have to update them and get them into Hardy ASAP. So maybe I can get some new packages on my TODO. But really, revuing is taking far too long, if I'd start packaging new software from kde-apps straight ahead, I probably have about 600 packages for Hardy+1. Also I somehow doubt the maintainability of that many packages ;-)

Power saving++

Intel launched, a collection of tips and tools for extreme powersaving. And I, as someone who loves _very_ long standby times, of course started right away enhancing my gomobile script (I run this script on demand, since it doesn't make much sense to activate all power saving settings just for going downstairs where AC plug is waiting anyway).

Amarok needs you...

...or rather, I do?!

Anyway, Amarok got plans to launch its own web radio. As you might have suspected, this causes a lot of work, which is the reason I need someone to take maintainership for Radio Anorak (doing show schedules, finding interesting content, caring about the infrastructure and maybe create a team).

As much as I'd like to do that, I just can't effort yet another very time expansive job. So, I'm looking for help, the requirements are actually quite low:


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