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Amarok - a we still love you release

Photo copyright 2008 by Maximilian Fellner,
licensed under by-nc-nd 2.0

We, the Amarok team, are busy developing the upcoming Amarok 2 series. Our 1.4 users are anything but forgotten: we have another bugfix release of the Fast Forward 1.4 series.

Amazon informed us about changes in their system that affected cover fetching in Amarok. We changed the necessary bits and pieces in Amarok to ensure that you can download covers for your favourite albums again.

Also all of our translations have been improved and various small bugs have been squashed. After some initial problems with 1.4.9, Amarok Developer Jeff Mitchell says about the extra .1 : "We're really sure now, that we've fixed all the bugs in 1.4.9".

Have fun with Amarok Fast Forward.