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Xmas packages report

I finally uploaded the first part of my Xmas packaging - PokerTH, a poker game (actually it turned out that it already was in the archives, so I just updated it).

Also I packaged KGtk, but I broke the GTK on my PC, so I can't test it right now.

Packages that didn't make it but at least made it on my TODO for investigation:
* Jahshaka
* kiwix
* Kmuddy (can someone enlighten my what muddy actually is?)
* MegaMek
* Wesnoth-ng (though I really think the -ng should go into debian)

Oxygen Cursors in Action!

So, while I was suffering from an awesome flu-like illness thing recently, I'm now slowly recovering and had a look at the nu Oxygen cursors yesterday evening.

Inspried by it's awesomeness I created a short preview video, so you get an idea of the most prominent cursors (click the image ;-)


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