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Xmas packages report

I finally uploaded the first part of my Xmas packaging - PokerTH, a poker game (actually it turned out that it already was in the archives, so I just updated it).

Also I packaged KGtk, but I broke the GTK on my PC, so I can't test it right now.

Packages that didn't make it but at least made it on my TODO for investigation:
* Jahshaka
* kiwix
* Kmuddy (can someone enlighten my what muddy actually is?)
* MegaMek
* Wesnoth-ng (though I really think the -ng should go into debian)

That aren't all packages that have been requested, but a selection of the most interesting ones to me (I might actually have a look into the others as well, but for now these are my candidates - my packaging todo is really long anyway :-P)

Thanks to everyone who requested something, and in the future, if you have a request, just create a [needs-packaging] bug in ubuntu and subscribe me to it, or mail the URL.

By the way... I'll also try to get some important package updates into gutsy soon (just watch out for it :P)