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Project Neon - Amarok (2) Nightly Builds

Yesterday we (the masters of Amarok) published a super secret project, named Neon.

A least 5 people ask us every day when Amarok 2 will be ready and when it will be easy to install without compiling it - since yesterday we can tell them: there you go!

Project Neon makes it possible for YOU and me and everyone (kind of, at least ;-)

Neon is meant to provide nightly Amarok builds ....
which means that it generates new Amarok packages for various distributions (currently only Kubuntu, openSUSE is in the queue though) ever day so that everyone can install them for whatever reason (testing, checking out the latest development, ...).
... So the main aim of Neon is clearly to provide a way to install the latest Amarok development version.

After installing amarok-nightly you will find an entry in your application menu, I'd like to call that well integrated with the operating system ;-), but the nifty thing about it is, that amarok-nightly will run without problems along a production system, it is stored in a completely unrelated path and all configurations are (or rather should) be stored in it's own directory.

This makes it possible to check out Amarok 2 once a day while running Amarok 1 to get the usual music entertainment.

More information on Neon and how to use it are available on it's wiki page.

Later I will write a more technical post, explaining how it works and how to get other distributions supported.