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Introduction: I'm Amarok's new Artist

Hi All!

I'm really happy to say that I'm a new artist for the Amarok project. You might remember me as a programmer, but now we Amarok programmers also create artwork for the project.

Please check out my first contribution, a new logo:

Isn't that awesome? I've always had a talent for drawing, and I think this really shows.

Go Go GTK!

Update: Since I've gotten a few relatively profane comments (which I've elected not to post) about blah blah pissing contest blah blah cant we all work together blah blah you are a stupid moron blah blah, please note that nowhere in this post did I mention Qt. This was not a "my widget set is better than your widget set" post. This was a "WTF, why can't I resize this box properly, and why does it end up moving up into the toolbar, how silly of it" post.

GSoC: biased dynamic playlists in Amarok 2 = love

I think it is time to introduce my SoC student to Planet KDE ;-)
I blogged about dynamic playlists some time ago. Thanks to Google Summer of Code Daniel is going to do some magic work on dynamic playlists in Amarok 2 this summer and make them even more nifty. But let’s hear what he has to say:


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