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flying high up there

Since a lot of people asked I am going to blog a little bit about FOSSCamp and what we did so far here in Prague.

First of all: It is awesome. The hotel is great, food tastes good and there are a lot of free software people here who are fun to hang out with, including, but not limited to some of my favorite KDE hackers ;-)

Google Treasure Hunt

The Google-AU blog reports that Google is going to be holding another one of it’s brain busting adventures soon. The post is ended with the following text/clue:

Arrrrrrrr you ready? Onward to the first puzzle, matey! And good luck!


Soon :). 1210550400

Warning: links below contain spoilers.

Project Neon - Explained

For comments on comments :-D from yesterday's post please read at the very bottom.

Let's get started with the technical details.


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