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Introduction: I'm Amarok's new Artist

Hi All!

I'm really happy to say that I'm a new artist for the Amarok project. You might remember me as a programmer, but now we Amarok programmers also create artwork for the project.

Please check out my first contribution, a new logo:

Isn't that awesome? I've always had a talent for drawing, and I think this really shows.

Ooooooook, I realize that it's maybe not a really good idea if programmers also do artwork. But we have no choice. While we really can't complain about lack of coders in the project, we have about 0 artists left, so someone's gotta do the job.

If you are a talented SVG artist and if you like Amarok (or if you know such a person), please contact us and help making Amarok 2 a beautiful application!

Mark Kretschmann, Amarok Founder (and artist from hell).