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Amarok2 with Oxygen icons

Today I've made Amarok2 use the new Oxygen icons from SVN trunk. Have a look:

I'm rather fond of Oxygen; I think it's an improvement over Crystal, and definitely feels refreshing. Unfortunately even Oxygen can't solve some of our fundamental problems with icons:

Amarok reviewed on Sourcetrunk podcast

Here's a really nice review of Amarok 1.4.4. The reviewer goes into great detail and presents many of Amarok's features, including the recently added Magnatune store.

Check it out over at Sourcetrunk.

New server to replace

Good news, everyone!

Thanks to the generous donations from our last fundraiser, the Amarok project will soon move to a much better web server. As some of you have probably noticed, our current hosting (AMD Duron, 512MB RAM) is hopelessly underpowered for the growing traffic on We've had a lot of downtime over the last months, especially when the site was hammered by,, etc.


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